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QJB Submersible mixer

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Capability feature
1 QJB type mixing compact structure, the operation and maintenance is simple, easy installation and maintenance and long service life;
2 impeller has the best hydraulic design structure, high efficiency, sweptback blade with consecrated themselves function, can prevent sundry winding, blocked;
3 and aeration system mixed use can make the energy consumption greatly reduced oxygen filling, improved obviously, effectively prevent precipitation;
4 motor winding insulation class F grade, protection grade for IP68, choose high quality bearing and electric device to make the motor cleansing described the work of safety; more
5 two way mechanical seal or double seals, material of tungsten carbide-tungsten carbide (or silicon carbide-silicon carbide);

Performance parameters
Mixer in the rated voltage is 380 V, frequency for 50 HZ ac performance parameters are as follows:

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